Cala Marmols

In Mallorca, happiness is expressed in each of its beaches and coves in the form of colors, smells and sensations, this is Cala Marmols.

Cala Marmols, also called Caló des Marmols, is a small virgin cove of turquoise waters located on the east coast of the island of Mallorca, between Cala Santanyí and Cap de Ses Salinas. The most precious jewel of the coast.

Best of Cala Marmols

Many visitors choose to come by sea because of its suitability for anchoring. Cala Marmols has very fine white sand that concentrates the sunlight, giving the landscape a beautiful luminosity. 

Along the shore we can find small stones and pebbles but the slope is not very steep. This is an advantage if you go with children, since they can get in without problems. The waters are absolutely transparent and take on the color of the sky.

The waters are very calm, with no waves, offering a natural pool aspect, ideal for renting a paddle surf or kayak service at Only when the wind blows from the south can generate small waves.

Location of Cala Marmols

This cove is located at the mouth of the Torrent des Marmols and has a triangular shape, becoming a shore of 50m long and 60 wide. Also called "the bay of marble" it is not exactly a beach accessible for people with mobility problems or small children.

Cala Marmols is far from everything. Far from hotels and towns and kilometers away from civilization. The users of this paradisiacal beach usually come walking about 5km from the lighthouse of Cap de Ses Salines, MA6110, by a rather rocky path.

Whoever is able to make this arduous journey is immediately rewarded with the subjugating image of this white sandy beach and its incomparable landscape of marble cliffs and transparent turquoise waters.

The water is crystal clear and very clean, with a bottom of sand, gravel and small pebbles. The depth is usually around 4 meters. It is a very appropriate place to practice diving thanks to its clear waters and rocky slopes. And as a final prize, we can enjoy a unique view over the island of Cabrera.

If what we are looking for is to enjoy a day to relax away from the noise and surrender to the impressive steep cliffs, this is the ideal place. Even so, we must be aware that a good physical condition is required to get there.

Cala Marmols

Along the walk to Cala Marmols we will also find moments that require basic climbing skills. As you may have deduced, the beach does not have any sanitary services, showers, toilets or lifeguards. The closest point of civilization to Cala Marmols is Cala Llombards.

The cove is a suitable place for anchoring as there are not usually strong winds. That makes many visitors come by sea, for example, renting a boat at

How to get to Cala Marmols

There are two ways to get to Cala Marmols. Two paths of certain demand as are the route from the lighthouse of Ses Salines and the route from Cala s'Almunia, both between 5 and 6 kilometers. By car you can not get there since the cove is located within a private estate.

Route from Ses Salines lighthouse

Leaving Palma, we will take the Ma-19 freeway towards Llucmajor, to leave it at exit 26 towards Llucmajor - Porreres - S'Estanyol. Continue along the Ma-6015 towards S'Estanyol. 10 kilometers later we will find a crossroads that will take us to the Ses Salines lighthouse.

It is advisable to park the car on the side of the road, around the lighthouse. If we go in tourist season and in the busiest hours, we will have to leave it farther away from the lighthouse.

It is best to go very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. That way, in addition to guaranteeing very few people, we will also avoid the hours of greatest solar intensity.

Arriving at the lighthouse we can already enjoy phenomenal views of the Cabrera Archipelago through a small opening in the sea. Once there we have to choose between two options: go right and walk 20 minutes towards Playa des Caragol or left taking the coastal path towards Cala Marmols.

There is a grid that runs along the coast access all the way. It is just a matter of following it, but remember that you will not find any signs or indications.

These almost 6 kilometers of road will take us more than an hour and a half under the merciless sun, so we recommend that you take this into account when stocking up on a load of fresh water.

Route from Cala S'Almunia

The other option to get to Cala Marmols is to start from Cala s'Almunia and go a little further than from the lighthouse. The first thing is to take direction Cala Llombards from highway 19 towards Llucmajor -Campos - Santanyí. Once in Campos we continue towards Santanyí and from there, to Cala Llombards.

We have to park the car in the free parking lot of Cala Llombards, since only residents of the urbanization of Cala s'Almunia can enter with a vehicle. In front of the parking lot we will see panels with indications.

Now we only have a 2km road down the street of S'Almunia and turn left down the street Llorer. After 50 meters we take the first right, we will pass Caló des Moro and after 300 meters we will see the access to Cala s'Almunia.

To the right begins the path that will take us to Cala Marmols. There is no loss since it is all signposted. Remember that you will not find shade on any path, but you will enjoy some magnificent cliffs that could be well used making this route by sea kayaking or paddle surfing with

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