Faro de la Torre d’en Beu: A Must-See Spot on the Mallorcan Coast

You have chosen Mallorca as your holiday destination or are passing through the area and want to know what you absolutely cannot miss. Well, you've come to the right place. In the following lines, we'll detail all the information about the Faro de la Torre d'en Beu, an absolutely recommended site that will leave you breathless with its stunning views.

Origins of the Faro de la Torre d'en Beu

Firstly, when visiting the Faro de la Torre d'en Beu, you'll find yourself in a historical setting. Why? Because before the existence of the modern lighthouse, a watchtower was constructed around 1569. Of course, the original structure you can see today has undergone several renovations since then.

The initial project took about 16 years to complete and, according to local accounts, it was built as a defense system against intense pirate attacks.

The function of the Torre d'en Beu was to emit smoke signals during the day or fire signals at night, warning residents of approaching ships that could pose a threat. At that time, it was manned by "coastal watchmen" or "lighthouse keepers," who typically lived there and were responsible for maintaining the tower.

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Arrival at Torre d'en Beu Lighthouse via a pedestrian path.

Over the years, needs changed and the threat of pirates diminished. However, local fishermen began to demand the construction of a beacon to help them navigate safely into the port during nighttime voyages. It was then that architect Rafael Soler designed the project, and the mayor of Santanyí in 1953 oversaw the construction of what we now know as the Faro de la Torre d'en Beu.

How to get to Faro de la Torre d'en Beu

Getting to Faro de la Torre d'en Beu by car is straightforward and should be done from the town of Santanyí. Take the MA-6102 road towards Cala Figuera and after about 1 km, you'll reach a roundabout. Take the third exit, marked as S´Amarador.

Drive another 400 meters, reach a junction, and then turn left. There, you'll see two signs indicating "Parc natural de Mondragó-S´Amarador" and "Es cap des moro". Follow this road for another 700 meters until you reach another junction with similar signs. Instead of following them, turn right onto "de sa Bassa Serra" street.

Walk about 800 meters, pass through a residential area and a small forest, and soon you'll come to a left turn. Right there begins a 250-meter dirt road that leads to the Faro de la Torre d'en Beu.

Distant aerial view of Torre d'en Beu, showcasing the cliffs.

Where can I park?

Generally, the area is quite open, and you can park your car near the old lighthouse. There's space for about 4 or 5 vehicles. If it's full when you arrive, you'll need to return to the start of the dirt road. In that case, you'll have to walk the last 250 meters, which is an easy path.

Wherever you park, make sure not to obstruct the road or interfere with other vehicles' maneuvers.

What's the best time to visit Faro de la Torre d'en Beu?

Believe it or not, the best time of year to visit this area is winter, especially if you're interested in climbing at Faro de la Torre d'en Beu. Experts say that even on cold days, climbing in short sleeves is possible. Of course, you can visit any time of year that suits you, but the recommendation for winter underscores that it's a destination for all 365 days.

Distant aerial view of Torre d'en Beu

What activities can you do at Torre d'en Beu in Cala Figuera?

The main attraction of this destination is the spectacular views offered by nature. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes so you can explore on foot, take photographs, or simply sit somewhere to enjoy the horizon and the sun.

If you're a more adventurous and experienced tourist, you can even climb the rocks in the area, though you'll need to bring your own equipment as there are no providers onsite.

Another highly recommended plan is to have a picnic. Plan to spend at least half a day at Faro de la Torre d'en Beu. Bring along a basket with fruits, drinks, and sandwiches, and simply enjoy the energy of the place.

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Aerial view of the Torre d'en Beu Lighthouse.

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