Playa S’Amarador: Complete Guide for Tourists

Playa S'Amarador is one of those destinations in Mallorca that confirm you made the right choice by coming here on holiday. Tourists assert that it is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on the island but also in Spain. By the time you finish reading this article, we're confident you'll have just one thought: "I must see if it’s as beautiful as they say." And we are sure you will confirm it.

What Makes Playa S'Amarador So Special

Playa S'Amarador, along with Sa Font de n'Alis, forms Cala Mondragó. Both beaches are located within the Mondragó Natural Park, which is a significant part of their unique appeal. Here, you can enjoy both the natural beauty and the historical significance of the area.

The two beaches are connected by a lovely trail, but we'll get to that later. Playa S'Amarador is special for its fine white sands, the romantic pine forest that surrounds it, and the serene atmosphere it exudes. Although it is not far from Santanyí, there are no hotel developments in the bay, giving it the appearance of an untouched beach.

Another highlight is the gentle slope of the beach towards the water, and its location means there are very few waves. These two features make it an ideal spot for family enjoyment as there is minimal risk for young children.

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Playa S'Amarador

The Origin of the Beach's Name

Just beside the beach, there is a wetland with a lake where a stream flows into it. It is from this wetland that Playa S'Amarador gets its name. Historically, this swamp was used for retting flax and hemp, which were then used in textiles.

How to Get to Playa S'Amarador and Where to Park

The most popular access is from the municipality of Santanyí, where tourists are generally staying. From this point, all you have to do is follow the road signs to Mondragó Natural Park. It's almost 9 kilometres that can be easily travelled by car.

At the end of this distance, and after following the signs, you will find the park's car park where you will have to park. Then, you will need to walk a path of approximately 400 metres, which will take you directly to Playa S'Amarador.

Keep in mind that parking costs 6 Euros. Some visitors have reported not having to pay, but this likely depends on the time of year you visit. We also recommend arriving early if you want to find a shaded parking spot.

If you do not have your own vehicle, do not worry. You can easily reach it by bus from Cala d'Or, and in summer, you can get there from Porto Pedro by the seasonal tourist train.

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Map of Playa S'Amarador

Playa S'Amarador

Things to Do at Playa S'Amarador

Our first recommendation might be what you already have in mind: enjoy the beach. It may be simple advice, but we invite you not to take it lightly. This is a truly beautiful beach, so take a moment to lie in the sun, take a conscious swim, and enjoy the paradise you are in. But of course, that is not all.

Swim from Playa S'Amarador to Sa Font de n'Alis

If you are comfortable swimming, then you will love this activity. The two beaches are only separated by a rock, so the distance is not long. However, keep in mind that Sa Font de n'Alis is likely to be busier.

Bird Watching

If you have chosen this destination, you are likely someone who values nature. In that case, you should bring your binoculars to appreciate the spectacular variety of birds at Playa S'Amarador. Remember that you are in a National Park, so this is an activity not to be missed. If you don't have binoculars, don't worry; you can also observe the birds with the naked eye.

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Playa S'Amarador

Enjoy a Refreshment at the Chiringuito

Do not expect an extensive gastronomic offering, but you will find the classic beach snacks. Few things are as pleasant as enjoying a good refreshment by the sea, and the chiringuito at Playa S'Amarador allows for that. However, keep in mind that eating here is not cheap, so if you are on a low-cost trip, it is best to bring your own lunch.

Explore the Trails of Mondragó Natural Park

Being in a National Park not only invites us to observe the birds but also to explore the spectacular natural trails that connect different beaches. If this plan interests you, all you have to do is wear comfortable shoes and follow the signs in the area. There are five different routes, each taking approximately half an hour.

Through these trails, you can, for example, reach Caló d'es Burgit. You will also discover ancient caves, the remains of an old lime kiln, or the ruins of machine-gun nests from the 1940s. You definitely need to explore these trails.

Have a Picnic in the Forest

If you tire of the beach or want some shade at lunchtime, the pine forest will delight you. In addition to trails, Playa S'Amarador offers visitors numerous beautiful spots for resting and picnicking. Bring your basket, choose a lovely spot, and soak in the fairy-tale energy of the place. Just be sure to pick up all your rubbish once you decide to leave.

Observe the Turtles at Playa S'Amarador

Earlier, we mentioned the wetland that gives the place its name. This is also a site worth visiting. You will find it at the back of the beach, alongside the stunning dunes. And if that is not enough, you can observe the turtles that have been introduced to the pond since 1985.

Another great idea, if you are sporty, is to reach Playa S'Amarador by bike. If this plan excites you, you can check out our bike rental service here.

What Services Are Available at Playa S'Amarador

If you are planning to spend a full day at Playa S'Amarador, you will naturally want to know what amenities the place offers. We have already mentioned the chiringuito and that you should avoid it if you are on a budget. However, you can be assured that the beach has public toilets, showers, and also hammocks and umbrellas for rent.

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