Porto Petro

Porto Petro is a small Mallorcan village in the district of Santanyí, in the southwest of the Balearic Island. An oasis of tranquility on the Mediterranean coast, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the land and the atmosphere of fishing.

In its surroundings you can find larger villages such as Cala d'Or, and smaller ones such as Alquería Blanca or Es Calonge. Porto Petro is formed from a natural bay and has a fishing port and private yacht club.

As a curiosity, the author of the Sydney Opera chose Porto Petro as his retreat since 2007. He knew that it is a privileged location from which you can also make trips to some of the most tourist sites of the island, such as Cala Ferrera or Cala Serena.

Porto Petro

Beaches in Porto Petro

Porto Petro has two small and quiet coves and some larger beaches:

Caló de Sa Torre: it is a very small cove, ideal for anchoring by boat, kayaking or paddle surfing. You can rent all these things at www.redstartours.com

It has a length of 35 meters by 25 meters wide and you can easily access on foot or by car through the Ma-19 since it is near a hotel development. It does not have any type of rescue service.

Caló des Homos Morts: it is located 5 kilometers from Cala d'Or and is very close to a hotel complex. To get there you have to walk from Caló de Sa Torre and cross the Club Mediterranée. A giant pine tree between the sand and the sea will tell you that you have arrived.

There are boats anchored 200 meters from the shore. It is highly recommended for water sports because it averages five meters deep. Road access is not complicated by following the signs. It has showers, toilets and a bar.

Sa Barca Trencada beach: this beach is sandy and is surrounded by an impressive natural environment of scrubland, pine and oak forests. It has a wide sandy beach and plenty of shade under the pine trees. The underwater conditions allow anchoring boats.

To reach it is simply follow the signs from Porto Petro. There you will find a free parking where you can leave your car and go down to this unspoiled coastal corner, which in recent years has also had to suffer the consequences of overcrowding.

Cala Mondragó beach: a little further away but not far enough to want to miss it, is the beach of Cala Mondragó, located in the Natural Park of the same name. A beach of clear and calm waters that make up a paradise of relaxation.

It is an ideal place to anchor or go for a walk with a kayak rental. Its wide sandy beach is also recommended for families with children, with tables for picnics. A side walkway connects it with another wonder of the island as is the Playa de S'Amarador.

There is also a natural pool among the rocks, very little known. It is located in Avinguda d'es Fortí. A unique place of easy access, although it is advisable to wear water shoes. Bathing in a natural pool in the Mediterranean Sea is really a dream come true.

What to do in Porto Petro

The best idea to enjoy Porto Petro is to surrender to the charm and magic of this haven of peace. It is a village that has managed to maintain the essence of a fishing village despite the temptations of mass tourism. Its houses of the early twentieth century will intoxicate you with its colors and beauty.

One of the places you can not miss if you are in Porto Petro is the Tower of Porto Petro, which for centuries served as a lookout and from which you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and its surroundings.

If you like sports, don't forget to visit the Porto Petro Yacht Club, which has a sailing and canoeing school. It has a marina where you can rent a boat at www.redstartours.com and enjoy Porto Petro from a privileged perspective.

If you like sports, don't forget to visit the Porto Petro Yacht Club, which has a sailing and canoeing school. It has a marina where you can rent a boat at www.redstartours.com and enjoy Porto Petro from a privileged perspective.

If you like a different style of restaurant you can also find Italian or English pubs. The next day you won't be bored as you can choose to treat your body to a spa treatment or improve your handicap at one of the several golf courses surrounding Porto Petro.

For an evening stroll, a good place is the Mallorcan craft market that from May to October is exhibited every Friday in Porto Petro from 18 to 23 hours. There you can find products of jewelry, ceramics or decoration.

What to do around Porto Petro

A short distance from Porto Petro is the romantic Cala Figuera, which has a bucolic fishing village. Ten minutes away by car is also the village of Santanyí, with a popular market every Saturday and cobblestone streets that invite you to stroll among its stores and restaurants.

You cannot miss a visit to the Natural Park of Mondragó, where, just two kilometers from Porto Petro, you will find a sanctuary of protected fauna and flora. In this same area you can go hiking in the woods or explore the Natural Park by bicycle.

Porto Petro

How to get to Porto Petro

If you have landed in Palma, from the airport it takes less than an hour by road, which also has excellent signage. Once we leave Son Sant Joan, we take the MA-19 towards Campos/Santanyí. From Santanyí you can get directly to Porto Petro.

To get by bus from Palma to Porto Petro, you must go to the Intermodal Station in Plaza de España and take the bus called TIB 501 towards Manacor. The bus will leave you at the entrance of Porto Petro in 70 minutes and you will only have 5 minutes walk to the center.

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