Routes through Calas de Mallorca

Mallorca, a true paradise in the Mediterranean, offers a spectacular array of water activities, with kayaking being one of the most intimate and exciting ways to explore its jagged coastline. The cove routes and tours in Mallorca described below are specially designed for adventurers and nature lovers, providing a unique experience in crystal-clear waters.


Cove Route 1 - Es Pontas (4 hours)

Starting at Cala Figuera, this route takes you through Calo de ses Agulles and Cala Santanyi before reaching the impressive natural arch of Es Pontas. The diversity of marine life here allows you to enjoy snorkeling between stops. Next, the route continues towards Calo des Macs and Cala Llombards, offering spectacular views and calm waters ideal for kayaking.

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Cove Route 2 - Mondrago (4 hours)

From Cala Figuera, this route passes through S'Estret des Temps and Calo des Sabinar, with its rich marine life and opportunities for diving in S'Amarador. Each cove offers unique beauty, from white sands to cliffs plunging into the sea. Finally, Cala Mondrago and Calo den Borgit are gems you must not miss before closing the circuit at Cala Barca.

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Cove Route 3 - Calo des Moro (6-8 hours)

This is the most challenging and rewarding route, ideal for those who desire a more extensive adventure. From Cala Santanyi to the spectacular Calo des Moro and S'Almonia, this route allows you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Mallorca, with stops to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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Benefits of Exploring Mallorca's Coves by Kayak

Kayaking as a pair not only strengthens personal relationships but also provides balanced exercise, making the most of the calm waters of the Mallorcan coves for a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience.

Tips for Kayakers in Mallorca

Before embarking, make sure you have all the necessary equipment and are aware of the weather conditions. Safety is paramount, so it is advisable to always kayak with company and with appropriate gear.

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Exploring the Cove Routes of Mallorca by kayak is an unforgettable experience that combines sports, adventure, and contemplation of nature. Plan your route, prepare your equipment, and get ready for one of the best experiences in the waters of the Mediterranean.

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