Where to Watch the Sunset in Mallorca: A List of the Best Spots

In this hectic world, there are two things that can keep humans still for hours: fire and sunset. Both work like magic, calming our minds and putting us in a state of absolute appreciation. Fire can be watched anywhere on the globe, and while sunsets can too, there's nothing quite like those in Mallorca. If you want to know where to watch the sunset in Mallorca, take the best photographs, and feel grateful to be alive, you must keep reading this article.

Sunset Times in Mallorca

You can't enjoy a good sunset on the island if you don't know exactly what time it happens. Of course, this depends on the time of year you visit. For example, in summer and spring, the days are longer and it gets dark later, while in autumn and winter, the opposite occurs.

When you come to Mallorca, you will need to check the sunset time on your mobile each day to plan your outing accordingly. Nonetheless, we detail below the average sunset times in Mallorca for each month.

January: 17:36

February: 18:09

March: 18:41

April: 20:13

May: 20:43

June: 21:10

July: 21:20

August: 21:02

September: 20:20

October: 19:31

November: 17:47

December: 17:25

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Beaches to Watch the Sunset in Mallorca

We must start by clarifying that there are many places to watch the sunset in Mallorca. Without a doubt, the island is known for having some of the best views in the world, so the list will be long. That’s why we’ve created a special section for beaches where you can watch the sunset in Mallorca, so none are left out.

Keep in mind that you'll need to plan your own itinerary based on where you're staying, as you probably won’t be able to visit all the places we mention below.


S'Embat is a classic beach, so if you decide to spend a refreshing day here, we suggest you stay until sunset. The view is magnificent without needing to move, and the beach bar offers food, drinks, and even outdoor shows to complement the experience.

Cala Blava

If you don’t want to venture far from the city, the municipality of Llucmajor offers an irresistible option: Cala Blava. It’s easily accessible by car and is at sea level rather than at a height. We recommend you prepare a picnic to enjoy the Mallorcan sunset here.

Sa Calobra

This is a destination you must visit, even if you’re not interested in finding the best places in Mallorca to watch the sunset. It is one of the most famous and popular beaches due to its spectacular vertical rock formations and tunnels. The Torrent de Pareis flows into the sea here, and, of course, its horizon views are unbeatable.

Sant Elm

Sant Elm, also known as San Telmo, is one of those places that makes you grateful for choosing Mallorca as your holiday destination. From here, you can also see the small island of Sa Dragonera, making it a perfect spot to end a classic beach day.

Playa de Santa Ponça

This beach is another that offers spectacular views and a luxurious gastronomic selection. Is there anything more pleasant than sitting back to enjoy the horizon while savouring the local delicacies? We don’t think so, which is why Playa de Santa Ponça is part of our list of places to watch the sunset in Mallorca. Here, you can experience an unparalleled romantic evening.

Es Trenc

This is one of the most popular beaches during the day. Swimmers choose it for its calm waters. However, in the afternoon, it is perfect for appreciating the sunset, and we encourage you to organise a picnic on the sand. The extensive beach area combined with the setting sun creates an incomparable atmosphere.

Costa de la Calma

Costa de la Calma is the place to choose for watching the sunset in Mallorca if you’re looking for a more lively and festive experience. There are beach bars offering spectacular cocktails and live music, perfect for enjoying with family or friends while watching the sunset. Another advantage of this destination is its proximity to the capital and easy access by private vehicle or public transport.

Cala del Delta

Those seeking a romantic sunset in Mallorca should head to Cala del Delta. The natural pools formed here act like jacuzzis. Can you imagine watching the sunset while soaking in those waters? Few things sound as tempting.

Towers for Watching the Sunset in Mallorca

Sa Foradada, a Must-See

Sa Foradada is a must-visit spot on every list of the best places to watch the sunset in Mallorca. This viewpoint, which borders a cliff, features a beach bar where you can enjoy the sunset with spectacular drinks.

Located on the Son Marroig estate, precisely between Valldemossa and Deià in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, its construction dates back to the 19th century. This site is one of the most popular due to the natural surroundings it offers visitors. Everything you see there will be awe-inspiring.

If you choose this spot, we recommend arriving well in advance, as the number of visitors can make parking difficult. Additionally, it’s best not to stay on the platform of the beach bar or at the viewpoints (where most people gather) but to explore the trail to find more exclusive spots.

Torre de ses Ànimes

Built in 1579, this watchtower offers one of the most stunning views of the island and is another gem for watching the sunset in Mallorca. Located between Banyalbufar and Estellencs, its panoramic view is its distinctive feature. If you're in the area, this is a must-see.

Torre Picada

Continuing the list of towers to watch the sunset in Mallorca is Torre Picada. This place also holds significant history, constructed in the 17th century as a defense strategy against pirate attacks and now an emblematic spot. The views of Port de Sóller, the coast of s'Illeta, and ses Puntes are spectacular at sunset.

Mirador de Sa Creueta

If you're in the northern part of the island, then this is the place to choose for watching the sunset in Mallorca. Located at Cap de Formentor, the views here are spectacular due to its height, and its location allows you to observe both sunrise and sunset.

Mirador de Ses Puntes

Another must-visit point in the Costa de Tramuntana is Mirador de Ses Puntes. However, it's not as frequently visited because reaching it requires approximately an hour-long hike. If you go to watch the sunset, the return journey will likely be in darkness, which adds to the complexity. It's necessary to carry flashlights, study the path beforehand, and proceed with caution to avoid getting lost. Nevertheless, the reward of the views is priceless.

Mirador Las Malgrats

At the other end of the island, specifically in Santa Ponça, you'll find Mirador Las Malgrats. It's also very easy to access, has benches for resting and enjoying the horizon, and offers views of the Illes Malgrats.

Another experience that perfectly complements the sunset is Paddle Surf. Check out our Paddle Surf Rental service!

Faro de Formentor

Faro de Formentor is perfect for those who want to witness a breathtaking sunset without shying away from a bit of exercise. The lighthouse itself sits 200 meters above sea level, making the minimal effort to reach it entirely rewarding. Note that it can be quite crowded.

Port de Sóller

Port de Sóller is a place you probably have on your must-visit list in any Mallorca travel guide. However, you might not have considered visiting at sunset, where the orange sky amidst the lighthouses is an unforgettable sight. Another plus point for this visit is the variety of restaurants in the area where you can enjoy dinner afterwards.

Faro de Cap Gros

This lighthouse is perfect for those seeking a quieter sunset experience away from other visitors. Located about 7km from Port de Sóller, the experience of being there is truly unique.

Faro de Cap Blanc

Faro de Cap Blanc is one of Mallorca's oldest points, and upon arrival, you feel like you've reached the end of the island. It's definitely a beautiful spot at sunset, though in August, be aware it can get very busy due to the Fiesta de las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo, a time when tourists and locals gather to admire the spectacular mid-month meteor shower.

Puig de Sant Salvador

This site offers a full 360° panoramic view of the horizon. You can visit at any time of year and never be disappointed, as the views are always majestic.

Puig de Santa Magdalena

Puig de Santa Magdalena is strategically located in the centre of the island, also offering 360° panoramic views. If you're short on time but want to experience the best sunsets in Mallorca, this is a must-visit spot where you'll take away a perfect impression of the island's magic.

Talaia d’Albercutx

This is a true hidden gem for many. Another ancient tower located on the Formentor Peninsula, some claim the view is even better here than from Faro de Formentor, perhaps due to its seclusion. Note that during summer, the road leading to Talaia d’Albercutx is often closed. Check before heading out.

Faro de Ses Salines

This lighthouse is located very close to Es Trenc Beach, and the reason we recommend it is simple: the nature here is unparalleled. It's surrounded by ancient salt flats, many of which are still in use today. The landscape is flat and sandy, reminiscent of what we imagine the lunar surface to be like. If you focus your gaze, you can see the outline of Ibiza on the horizon.

A local tip is that if you make it here, don't miss visiting S’Embat, an iconic beachside chiringuito located on Sa Rapita Beach. Especially on Sunday evenings at sunset, the atmosphere is spectacular: music, a friendly vibe, cocktails and refreshments, and dreamy views.

Mirador Nus de sa corbata

This viewpoint is also nestled in the heart of the Sierra Tramontana, on the road to Sa Calobra. Besides the sunset view, another breathtaking detail is the winding road you'll traverse to get there. It's a must-visit for route enthusiasts.

You might also be interested in watching the Mallorca sunset from the sea. Check out our boat excursions here: Boat Excursions in Mallorca.

Other Places to Watch the Sunset in Mallorca

Hotel Sa Coma

If you want nature combined with a homely atmosphere, this is the perfect place. Hotel Sa Coma is a small, family-run establishment that preserves all the essence of Mallorca. It offers comfortable and simple facilities in Banyalbufar, and its restaurant is the perfect complement to enjoy the evening unfold.

La Trapa

Those drawn to mystery should appreciate the Mallorcan sunset from La Trapa. It's an ancient monastery set in a protected natural environment from where you'll undoubtedly enjoy one of the world's best sunsets. Located in the southeast point of the island, to reach the worthwhile views, you'll have to walk a bit from the road.

Port de Andratx

If you want to capture spectacular photographs of the Mallorca sunset, we recommend visiting Port de Andratx around 5 pm, when the sun begins to descend and the local fishing boats return after their day's work. They gradually moor, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a movie. Moreover, the area is bustling with activity, so you can sit back and continue enjoying the atmosphere at one of the nearby bars or restaurants.

Es Portixol

This is a charming old fishing village, very popular and well-visited, perfect for an afternoon stroll. It's easily accessible by walking or cycling along the promenade and is close to Palma. Of course, stopping for tapas at the local bars is a must to complement your experience.

Restaurants with the Best Sunsets in Mallorca

You might be keen on dining while watching the sun set on the horizon. If so, here's a list of highly-rated restaurants by tourists to help you make an informed decision:


Located on Can Pere Antoni Beach, it's only a 20-minute walk from Palma's old town. Its main attraction is the views of the cathedral and the stunning colours that unfold during sunset. The menu is extensive, featuring a variety of wines and dishes. Visitors particularly recommend the seafood platter.

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Jaime III is one of Palma's central streets, and here you'll find Nakar, a terrace that can't be beaten. There's a DJ providing a spectacular musical backdrop, delicious food, and even a pool. After a day of shopping in the city, simply head up to Nakar to enjoy the sunset without venturing too far. It's a perfect urban plan.

Puro Beach Palma

This beach club is located eight kilometres from Palma's centre. It boasts a pool, spa, and excellent gastronomy. If you want to experience the Mallorca sunset in a more elegant setting, this option is for you.

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