Cala Figuera

Welcome to Cala Figuera, a picturesque fishing port located in the municipality of Santanyí, on the island of Mallorca, Spain. This hidden gem is known for its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking cliffs, and an atmosphere of tranquility, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a getaway from the tourist hustle. Cala Figuera retains the charm of traditional Mallorcan life, making your visit an authentic and unforgettable experience.

It features two inlets in the bay, Caló d'En Boira and Caló d'En Busques, bounded by shallow cliffs. The fig trees surrounding it are what give Cala Figuera its name.

In Cala Figuera, you can always see boats moored due to its fishing activity, as well as the traditional Mallorcan "llaüts". It is also a fantastic place for paddle surfing or kayaking. All of this can be rented with us at Redstartours. Our office is right at the entrance of the port at Carrer Verge del Carme, 52.

Location of Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is almost 60 kilometers from the capital, Palma. The village bearing the same name is on the left side of the Y-shaped bay. You can photograph the beautiful picture created by the sea with its fishing boats and the small houses that serve as garages for them.

Cala Figuera belongs to the municipality of Santanyí, whose city, in the south of Mallorca, is five minutes from Cala. It is reached via the MA-6102 road that connects Cala Figuera with Santanyí.

How to get to Cala Figuera

How to get there: Cala Figuera is about a 45-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca. The signage is clear, and the journey offers beautiful views of the Mallorcan landscape. Here are the directions by clicking on How to get there.

North of Cala Figuera is the Mondragó Natural Park, which covers 750 acres and serves as a bird sanctuary and protected species of animals and plants. It is home to 75 species of birds as well as goats, rabbits, weasels, and turtles.

South of Cala Figuera, we find Cala Llombards and Cala Santanyí. The first is a paradisiacal sandy cove, resembling a fjord. Later we will talk about the connections between Cala Figuera and other directions.

What to do in Cala Figuera? Natural beauty

The natural beauty of Cala Figuera is simply stunning. Walk along the path that borders the cliff to enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and capture unforgettable moments with your camera. The cove, with its turquoise waters, invites you to relax and take a refreshing dip on sunny days.

Explore the Picturesque fishing port

The port of Cala Figuera, with its traditional fishing boats (llaüts), offers a window into the maritime life of Mallorca. Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the pier, watch the fishermen in their daily lives, and feel the essence of a town that has maintained its pace of life over the years.

Rent a Llaüt or a license-free boat

Renting a traditional llaüt or a license-free boat gives you the freedom to sail at your own pace. Our boats available for rent are designed to be easy to handle, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. Moreover, they offer you the opportunity to design your own itinerary, stopping to swim in crystal-clear waters, sunbathe on deck, or simply enjoy the coastal landscape of Cala Figuera.

Savor the local cuisine

You can't visit Cala Figuera without trying the exquisite local cuisine. The area's restaurants specialize in fresh fish and seafood dishes. Enjoy a sunset dinner with views of the port for a memorable experience.

Relax in Kayak or Paddle Surf

A Ride on a Bicycle or E-bike

Discover the beautiful coves or enjoy the surroundings with our touring electric bicycles, providing a fun, eco-friendly, and comfortable way to enjoy the landscape while immersing yourself in the culture and charm of Cala Figuera.

Features of Cala Figuera

Next to the cove is a picturesque fishing village, framed between cliffs and pine trees. The fishermen's houses and boat sheds are painted white, contrasting with the green of their window shutters.

Despite Mallorca changing over the years and the tourist frenzy, Cala Figuera still retains its original essence. It had its heyday in the late 80s but knew how to prioritize its identity to continue being a fishing village of less than 1000 inhabitants.

On the left side of Cala Figuera, we find the quaint port. Wooden boats share space with yachts, "llaüts," and sailboats. In the restaurants, you can enjoy typical Mallorcan seafood and fish.

Sitting on the terrace by the sea, you can enjoy the bustling life of maritime work. Thanks to the disappearance of the rough hotel complexes built in the 70s and 80s, Cala Figuera was able to recover its original image.

Cala Figuera in Santanyí is undoubtedly a hidden treasure of Mallorca waiting to be discovered. Its combination of natural beauty, traditional culture, and tranquility makes it the perfect destination for those looking for a unique experience away from conventional tourist routes. Plan your visit and prepare to fall in love with this charming corner of the island.

Visiting Cala Figuera is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, enjoy local cuisine, and experience the authentic Mallorcan lifestyle. Whether you're an adventurer, a food lover, or simply someone in search of peace and tranquility, Cala Figuera welcomes you with open arms to offer an unforgettable experience.

Cala Figuera

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